Unit 6 Reflection


We have read about the rise and fall of several major civilizations, and in this reflection you will have the opportunity to synthesize information from the readings, and either do a comparative analysis of 2 of the civilizations or analyze one civilization in light of current global news.

On a practical note: you’ll present this reflection verbally and video record it to practice what it’s like to give a presentation in this format. You will give a short verbal presentation about your final project toward the end of the semester, and this is a lower-stakes opportunity to practice your technical setup and become more comfortable recording yourself and the particular quirks of presenting to a screen vs. to a room of attentive classmates. 

Learning Objectives:

  • Conduct historical analysis and present that analysis and evidence verbally.
  • Practice oral presentation skills in advance of final project presentation.
  • Practice with personal technical setup for recording a short presentation.


  • Decide what kind of analysis you would like to present: 
    • Option 1: Pick 2 civilizations or historical events from the following list: Mongol Empire, Crusades, Great Zimbabwe, Mali Empire, Maya Civilization, Aztec Civilization. Present a comparative analysis of your two choices. You will have to pick a single theme or point of comparison to focus your analysis. 
    • Option 2: Identify a current global event (2019-2020) connected to one of the civilizations or historical events from the following list: Mongol Empire, Crusades, Great Zimbabwe, Mali Empire, Maya Civilization, Aztec Civilization. Your current event must be supported by at least 1 credible news article (use critical digital literacy skills from Bali and Brown in Module 2 to verify the credibility). Analyze and discuss the historical connections from the readings that relate to the current news/event. 
  • Record a video of your presentation. The presentation must be a minimum of 5 minutes long and include the following:
    • Clear thesis statement on what themes, events, topics you are centering your comparative analysis on.
    • 2 points that support your thesis. Each point should include analysis and verbal attribution of the readings and evidence that inform each point.
    • Further research: 1 research question or area of inquiry that would be interesting and historically relevant based on your reading and analysis. 
    • Final summary and takeaway based on your thesis statement. This is where you wrap-up and make sure your audience (me) understands your analysis. 

Due Sunday 11/15 by 11pm.

Technical Tips:

  • How to record yourself in Zoom
  • If you record your video using a mobile phone, place it somewhere stable so that your video doesn’t move around. 
  • If you have any questions or concerns about the technical setup and how to pull this off, please be in touch and I’ll be happy to brainstorm options with you.

Evaluation Criteria

Clarity of Ideas: Synthesizes readings and clearly articulates in-depth comparison of 2 civilizations or events. Responses show readings and activities were done and understood. 

Completeness: Fully answers all prompts/questions and requirements. Skillfully uses information from the readings/videos/other relevant class materials. Acknowledges by name ideas from class members and readings.

Delivery: Video clear and presentation is fully audible. Video is a minimum of 5 minutes of presentation.