Module 11 Lab

Preliminary Annotated Bibliography and User Flow Diagram or Outline

Learning Objectives:

  1. Learn about information architecture, and how to create user flows and wireframes.
  2. Apply critical digital literacy skills and library research skills to finding relevant and credible sources for the final project.
  3. Create 2 key project items to further final project: annotated bibliography and user flow diagram or outline. 


**Note: if you are working in pairs or groups of 3, the minimum number of sources listed below is for each person in the group. For example, a group of 3 should have 3 background sources, 6 academic sources, and 12 primary sources in their annotated bibliography. Each pair or group should turn in 1 annotated bibliography and 1 user flow diagram/outline total.

  1. Annotated Bibliography: Each citation should be in either MLA or Chicago Style formatting. There should be a minimum of 1 background source, 2 academic sources, and 4 primary sources. For each source, include 1-2 sentences after the citation to discuss what this source contributes to your topic and analysis. I expect this list to change as you continue to research and refine what sources you want to include — the goal of this assignment is to start to find and put pieces into place and use this research to continue to refine your research question and develop the thesis statement for your project.
  2. User flow diagram or outline: You may choose to complete the user flow part of the assignment by drawing or digitally creating a flow chart, or by creating a traditional outline. This part of the Lab can be done using pen & paper, PowerPoint/Google Slides, Word/Google Docs or some other tool you are familiar with. The diagram or outline should outline how you want your audience to move through your project: 

If your project has a specific sequence (slides presentation, paper, poster, etc.) you’d like readers to follow, include: your intro and hook and how you will present your sources and analysis and interpretation in order.

If your project is multi-linear like a website or podcast (e.g., your audience can choose their own path through the information), include: your intro and hook, and then how you will organize the sources and different elements.  

Turn In by Sunday, 11/8 at 11pm:

  • Both the preliminary annotated bibliography and the user flow diagram or outline. A screenshot or clear photo of the user flow diagram or outline is acceptable if you create this by hand.
  • Acceptable file formats: Word doc, PDF, Powerpoint, link to Google Doc, link to Google Slide, image (.jpg or .png).