Unit 1 Reflection

Throughout this Unit, we have covered metadata categories (the 15 core Dublin Core fields), cataloged personal items, conducted interviews and translated human responses into data entries, critiqued and evaluated digital projects, and considered several ways to evaluate digital projects, websites, etc. We started with the smallest elements of research (a single item and its metadata) in Module 1, and moved to full robust projects that bring together collections of sources and research in Module 2. 

For this reflection, do the following:

  1. Create a visual map or model of how metadata, critical digital literacy, and digital projects connect with each other or build on each other. There is no one correct answer. You can use physical materials to draw it out or digital tools. I am looking for the ideas and connections you make, not artistic quality! If you draw it out, please take a clear photo of the map/model to upload to the submission.  
  2. Write a short (no more  than 50 words!) description of the map/model and the key takeaway for your map/model. 
  3. Answer the following synthesis questions. You can answer these questions in a write-up, an audio recording, or a video recording. 
    • What are 1-2 key things you have learned through undertaking the activities in this unit?
    • How might these things shape your view of the world? Shape how you approach new information to learn history and historical topics?

Turn In:

  • 1 map/model. Acceptable formats: .png, .jpg, PDF, PowerPoint, or Google Slides only. 
  • Short description of map/model. Can be included with the map/model or can be uploaded as a separate file.
  • Synthesis questions: 
    • Write-up acceptable file formats: .docx, .odt, PDF, Google Doc.
    • Audio recording acceptable file formats: .mp3, .wav, or link to file in Google Drive or OneDrive
    • Video recording acceptable file formats: .mp4, .mov, .wmv, or link to file in Google Drive or OneDrive


Here is the rubric I will use to assess your reflections (Google Sheet).