Module 9 Lab

Project Pitch Assignment


Conducting research and creating a digital project is a multi-stage process. A successful project is one where the topic is clearly articulated, the goals are self-evident, and the content is presented in a way that is aligned with the intended audiences. For this project, you can assume that your primary audiences are fellow classmates and myself — students of world history with similar access to background information throughout the class.

This assignment is an opportunity to start to articulate each of those elements that make a whole project. Knowing this information is foundational to being able to pursue research, sort and curate data, and build effective presentations of those materials and interpretations. 


  1. Identify and articulate topic(s) that you would like to pursue, and the supporting resources.
  2. Suggest potential platforms and outputs for the project.

Write-up: due by 11pm, 10/25

**You may complete this project individually, in pairs, or in small groups (no more than 3 people). If you choose to work on this project with another person, please submit 1 project pitch on behalf of the pair or group with everyone’s names listed.

For each topic you’re considering, write-up responses to each section below. Use the headings and answer all questions for each section:

Topic: What historical phenomena, event, person, etc. have you chosen? What is the “hook,” or why is this topic significant for us as a class? What is your working research question for the topic?

Time period: what will be your timeframe for scoping your research of this topic?

Sources: What primary sources will be important to this project? 

Platform: What form(s) do you think your educational module might take? Why is this form or platform ideal for your project topic and sources? How confident are you in your technical skills to learn and build a project in this format?