Module 13 Lab

This week you will post a rough draft of your final project for peer feedback. To ensure that the feedback workshop can be successful, every project needs to be posted by the deadline of Friday, 11/20 at 11pm.

Projects will be grouped by topic and/or format. The Discussion Board will be setup by Wednesday, 11/18 and configured so that you will only have access to the posts of your peer feedback group. You will not be able to see everyone’s projects at this time.

A complete rough draft submission will include:

  1. Fully filled out Front Matter document for each project. Make a copy of the Google Doc version or download the Word doc version. The bibliography should be up to date but does not have to be annotated.
  2. Rough draft of the project: this should be as complete as possible. It is ok to have a couple placeholders for analysis and content still in development, but the organization, flow, and more than half of your analysis should be in place. Please upload your project file(s) or share a viewable link if your project is in OneDrive or Google Drive and double check that the files are accessible to others.