Week 2 Project Annotation

Online digital scholarship projects are abundant. Parsing a digital project is important to figure out what it’s trying to accomplish, what research goals. It helps to have a set of reliable criteria to use to break down a project into its components. The video by Dr. Miriam Posner lays out the 3 basic layers of a project.

Objectives for Annotation:

  1. Become familiar with a process for evaluating digital projects.
  2. Critically evaluate a digital process and consider what criteria are important for assessing an online scholarly project.
  3. Establish group collaboration expectations, including time management and communication, and complete first collaboration.


  1. Contact your Annotation group members. Decide how you will all contribute to the assignment in a way that is equitable.
  2. Watch the Posner video carefully to make sure the 3 components of a project are clear.
  3. Evaluate the project assigned to your group. See next section below for details of what to include in your write-up.
  4. Draft group charter (instructions in D2L with the group assignments).

Turn In on D2L:

A complete Write-up will include:

  • 1 short paragraph for each of the 3 parts of a project as described by Dr. Posner (sources, processed, presented).
  • What other aspects of creating and presenting a research project could be included in evaluating a project? Add additional criteria with a short blurb about why you think it should be part of a critical evaluation of a project. Draw on readings about critical digital literacy (Bali and Brown) and think about the metadata Lab you did last week!

1 group member posts the write-up to the Discussion Board in D2L on behalf of the team by Friday, 9/4 at 11pm. Make sure everyone’s name is included with the write-up.

Email to Dr. Sharpe:

  • Group charter document, with all group members cc’d on the email, by Sunday 9/6 at 11pm.